Workshop Information

  • Special thanks for the inclusive curriculum for drummers.  It exceeded my expectations!
  • Weirdly, the on-line format had huge advantages — more and more varied instruction on different aspects of playing and more time during the sessions to practice what was being taught.
  • Virtual MSJ was a huge success. Great content, excellent instructors, very organized administratively. I was particularly impressed with the last aspect since this was your first online endeavor of this length and scale. So major kudos all around.
  • I want to congratulate you on how well organized everything was. I did not see a single technical glitch, everybody was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there, and the communication to participants was excellent
  • I was initially skeptical about how effective a virtual workshop could be, but it was really effective and a great musical growth experience! So many highlights and new things to work on! I can see this being an ongoing format of some kind in addition to the live summer session.
  • Hang Outs were some of my favorite moments from the the workshop. A lot of fun, but there were also some pretty deep discussions...  
  • At MSJ, I felt like every instructor was prepared for every session, even if maybe we did sometimes get sidetracked a bit with questions.
  • The four days were a musical wonderland for me. Something I have been dreaming about most of my adult life, coming together and exceeding my greatest expectations. I got something from every class and elective and super specialty guest. I was moved by the whole experience.
  • Hearing from the A-listers (Peter Erskine, Wycliffe Gordon, John Patitucci, and Rick Margitza) was wonderful.  Each was very humble and approaches music in their own personal way, which is a good model for all of us.

What Is A Virtual Jazz Camp?

Maryland Winter Jazz is where love for jazz intersects with amazing coaching and direction, and most importantly, community and connection. It turns out that Zoom interactions and the virtual space are an excellent way to interact and play and teach jazz. Artistic Director Jeff Antoniuk has developed and taught over 1,500 hours of jazz education on this platform in the past few years, and is a master at creating meaningful and powerful experiences in a virtual setting. We aren’t “making due” here. We’ve created something that couldn’t exist in the real world!

New & Exciting at Maryland Winter Jazz 2022

MWJ is all about embracing the possibilities and modalities that were never possible before in any jazz workshop, anywhere on earth. Here’s a quick look at a few new things you can expect.

  1. Super Special Guests. Every day at Maryland Winter Jazz, we’ll spend 75 minutes with an “A” list musician. They will play for us, present a topic that is near and dear to them, and take your questions. And no, these aren’t the run of the mill folks you may be imagining. Here's who we have previously had for you -
    • Mike Stern (Guitar)
    • Terell Stafford (Trumpet)
    • Chris Potter (Saxophone)
    • Peter Erskine (drums)
    • John Patitucci (bass)
    • Jeff Coffin (sax)
    • Ingrid Jensen (trumpet)
    • Geoffrey Keezer (piano)
    • Matt Wilson (drums)
    • Wycliffe Gordon (trombone)
    • Rick Margitza (sax), etc.
  2. Everything Is Recorded. Each Masterclass and Elective, every Guest Lecture, you trading fours with faculty members . . . all of it will be presented to you at the end of Maryland Winter Jazz. What would be impossible to do in classrooms is now a benefit of the MWJ.
  3. Private Lessons. In the real world, there was just no way to fit private instruction into a three day workshop. There wasn’t the time, and there wasn’t the room. Now everyone gets a 15 minute private lesson, which can help get you prepared for MWJ before the workshop, or keep the ball rolling after MWJ. Lessons are with Jeff, or members of the core faculty. Is 15 minutes really enough time? It certainly is! We’ll have you show up with your one burning question, something that you feel has been holding you back. This question will be the focus of your time, and will help shape the most pivotal lesson you might ever have in your life.

And this is just the beginning. It’s a new world, and we are embracing not only what is possible, but what has previously been impossible.

Technology Training

If you are a little hesitate about your abilities to use the technology, don’t be. We will be offering Technology Training in advance of camp, to help you get the best sound and the best experience with the Zoom platform and your equipment, whether you are brand new to technology and Zoom, or whether you are a pro. What equipment do you need? A phone, tablet or computer, and an internet connection. Add a set of headphones, you are in perfect shape. You can get fancier from there if you want to. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you have a great experience.

What We Do & How We Do It

Maryland Winter Jazz is one session with THREE DAYS of playing, learning, workshops, jam sessions and special guests in each. Enrollment is limited to give you lots of personal attention and playing time. The learning environment is focused, intimate and very effective. MWJ is 100% virtual, and is hosted on the Zoom video platform. This setting has many upsides to it, including a LOT more playing time than in the “real world.” There is no better way to stay connected and moving ahead with your playing this winter.

– We have only 28 spots per session, and we are open to all instruments (and vocals).
– Our playing happens in small groups of 8 or fewer musicians.
– There are lots of opportunities to play with and trade back and forth with your faculty leaders in REAL time.
– Artistic Director Jeff Antoniuk groups you effectively and comfortably with players of your ability level (through JazzWire).
– The moral of the story . . . don’t delay, these spots go fast!

Maryland Summer Jazz is all about putting you in intimate, small situations with a world-class faculty. Instead of taking notes in a theory class or rehashing private lesson material you could get elsewhere, you’ll learn the way jazz should be learned – by playing with a mentor. Improvisation, theory, arranging, history and group dynamics are discussed, and demonstrated. This is information you’ll never get in an impersonal online course, and that you’ll never learn in your practice room with a book!

JazzWire is now part of the Maryland Summer Jazz Experience!

For years now, the incredible JazzWire platform has been integrated with Maryland Winter Jazz! JazzWire is a subscription-based online jazz education site for adults. After more than TWO years of existence, and JazzWire is home to over 250 members from around the world. These folks are learning, playing, practicing and progressing together like never before. The JazzWire Community is made up of adult amateur to semi-pro/pro jazz players, all passionate and serious about getting to their next level.

ALL participants who attend Maryland Winter Jazz will become JazzWire members, so your experience at MWJ will be more in-depth than you will get at ANY other workshop on earth. You’ll be playing with your peers from the three JazzWire Communities, folks who you know and respect. We’ll be working on the MWJ music for months before the workshop (and for months after), so everyone will be showing up with some homework already done. We’ll be ready to play! When you sign up for Maryland Winter Jazz, your JazzWire Application fee is waived ($75 value). PLEASE NOTE: the initial six-month monthly subscription ($49.95/month) commitment to JazzWire still applies; see JazzWire Terms and Conditions for more information: click here.

Start preparing your songs for JazzWire early! Once you register for Maryland Winter Jazz 2022, you have two weeks to submit your music to us. If we haven't received your music within four weeks of registering for MSJ, your JazzWire subscription will automatically begin. You can still send in your music after that date to be placed in a Community.Please see the links below for suggested song submission guidelines:

Bass: click here

Horns/Melody: click here

Piano/Guitar: click here

Drums: click here

We’d love to hear your JazzWire songs (see the links above) within two weeks after the date you have registered. Questions? Email Matt at We are happy to help!

Maryland Winter Jazz Tuition

Full Participant

$599 - tuition for three days (January 21-23, 2022)

MWJ Observers
$235 per day

Observing is a great option for beginner players, those less confident in their skills, or players not able to attend all three days of MWJ. Maryland Winter Jazz Observers may attend for one, two, or all three days of camp. You do NOT need to be a member of JazzWire to participate as an auditor/observer for MWJ. Observers do not receive Private Lessons, nor recordings of any of the classes.

Observers enjoy all of the MWJ classes and electives, masterclasses and lectures at Maryland Winter Jazz. The difference is that Observers are just that - they do NOT have the ability to ask questions during classes.


Siblings, husband and wife, parent and child may each receive a 10% discount on their respective tuition amounts. Active Military also receive a 10% discount (only one 10% discount per person).

Refund/Cancellation Policy

If you have already paid and must cancel your attendance for any reason …
- For cancellations before December 15, 2021, there is a refund of $350.
- For cancellations between December 15 and January 5, 2022, there is a refund of $200.
- Cancellations after January 1, 2022 will not be refunded.

A typical day at Maryland Winter Jazz includes

• Small group rehearsal sessions playing with a faculty member
• Choose from several Electives
• In depth, instrument-specific master classes
• A 75 minute session with our Super Special Guest each day.
• Opportunities to meet faculty and other adult musicians from all over the world.