2020 FAQs

Q: I want to attend Maryland Summer Jazz, but I don’t think I want to do Jazz Wire. Can I still attend MSJ?

A: Everyone who attends MSJ will be a Jazz Wire member, so yes, we need you to be a part of the Jazz Wire club! Imagine arriving at a camp where you already know everyone. Imagine showing up knowing the music inside out. Imagine if your teachers knew how you played ahead of time. Imagine feeling supported in your work, day in and day out, for months beforehand. Those are the reasons Jazz Wire is integral to Maryland Summer Jazz. Your experience with us will be deeper than any other camp on earth can offer. We are proud of that.

Q: I’d like to work on the MSJ music ahead of time. Will you be sending that out to us?

A: Far beyond sending out the music in advance, Maryland Summer Jazz attendees have the chance to work on all the MSJ for weeks and months in advance at Jazz Wire. There will be weekly lessons, discussions and posts on all the music, at three different ability levels. You will show up to camp feeling confident and comfortable.

Q: Jazz Wire is a six-month commitment, correct?

A: Yes, you are subscribed to Jazz Wire, and your card will be billed at the rate of $49.95/month. During this time, you’ll be working on the MSJ music, meeting new friends from around the globe, and getting support for your development like you’ve never received in your life. And after MSJ, you’ll have a plan to keep the ball rolling for yourself.

Q: Who is the faculty?

A: All of our faculty (grouped by session), is located here for session 1, and here for session 2! Pictures and bios can be seen using those links, but a quick rundown of the faculty are: Session 1: (Jeff Antoniuk – Sax, Rick Margitza – Sax, Zach Pride – Bass, Paul Bollenback – Guitar, Tony Martucci – Drums, James Moore – Trumpet, Tim Young – Piano), Session 2: (Jeff Antoniuk – Sax, Amy Shook – Bass, Sherrie Maricle – Drums, Jackie Warren – Piano, Steve Rochinski – Guitar, Jen Krupa – Trombone)

*MSJ reserves the right to change or substitute faculty at any time*

Q: How much is the hotel group rate?

A: The MSJ 2020 discounted group rate is $119/night, free parking included, with a minimum of 3 consecutive nights booked during the camp dates.

Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: To make a reservation at the hotel, click here for session 1. For session 2, click here.

Q: In your experience, how far ahead does the Marriott need to be booked?

A: It’s best to book the hotel early, but the cutoff is usually June 1st. The room blocks are set now, so we’ll be adding that to the website shortly as well. 

Q: Are there amplifiers provided for guitar players, or need I bring one?

A: Guitarists usually bring their own amps (and music stand), but if you’re flying, we’ll help get you set up, please let us know in advance.

Q: What is everything I should bring to the workshop?

A: When you come to the workshop, make sure you have your:

  • Instrument
  • Music (Provided on Jazz Wire for you)
  • A Music Stand
  • Any appropriate equipment for your select instrument

Q: I have a special diet, who should I speak to since the meals are provided?

A: Please let us know your food allergies in advance. We will send out reminders before the event regarding food allergies. Otherwise, please make plans to bring your own meals IF they are extreme restrictions.

Q: I have a lot of equipment, Is the facility multiple floors tall?

A: Yes. The facility is 2 floors tall, however there is an easily accessible elevator for all to use.

Q: Is there a refrigerator?

A: Unfortunately, not for the use of the camp participants.

Q: Are there bathrooms in the facility?

A: YES! There are 2 sets of bathrooms, located on each floor of the building. 

Q: Is there transport from the hotel to the facility?

A: We do not provide transportation, but it is a short 5 min drive; folks often carpool or share ubers

Q: Are there events to attend after the daily workshop?

A: YES! Jam sessions and concerts are scheduled for after the workshop throughout the week! Please see the schedule when it is released(July 1st) for more details.

Q: How much are tickets to the final concert?

A: The final concert tickets are $20 per person. Tickets will be available for on-site purchase, OR, a discounted rate if purchased ahead of time online, when made available.

Q: When will schedule be announced?

A: The schedule will be announced on July 1st, 2020. For now, click here for a sample schedule. 

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