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July 2008


Maryland Summer Jazz Festival
Rockville - Montgomery County
7/15/2008 - 7/25/2008, 7:00 PM

There's nothing quite like the sensual rhythms of jazz to spark the spirit of romance. So if you're looking to spice up your next outing, mark your calendar for Tuesday, July 15, through Friday, July 25, when the Maryland Summer Jazz Festival comes to Rockville. For the musically inclined, Artistic Director Jeff Antoniuk has arranged various workshops and jam sessions designed for aspiring instrumentalists and vocalists. Antoniuk, also a talented saxophonist and composer, will accompany a cast of world-renowned artists, including Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin, Caribbean bassist Pepe Gonzalez, trumpeter Alex Norris, rising guitarist Steve Herberman, and others. But if your sax skills aren't entirely up to snuff, relax at a public concert on July 15th at Blues Alley or on July 18th or 25th at Saint Mark Presbyterian Church instead. Since the concerts don't begin until 7 p.m., you'll have plenty of time to grab a bite (or to power shop) beforehand at nearby White Flint Mall. Tickets for the Maryland Summer Jazz Festival are $18 for the Blues Alley concert and $15 (pre-ordered) for the Saint Mark's concert. For more information, call 410-349-1082 or visit