Maryland Winter Jazz, One of the Most Powerful

and Inspiring Online Workshops in the World!

Not a knee-jerk reaction to covid, or a “not quite as good” shadow, but an event designed from the ground up to use the incredible power that working online gives us. We’ve reduced the clutter, dispensed with what doesn’t work, and distilled things down to a powerful three days of incredible playing, learning and camaraderie. 

Cut the commute, loose the hotels and airplanes, site around less and play more. We have served hundreds of adult amateur and semi-pro musicians with our amazingly effective online workshops, and we can’t wait to work with you.


Super Special Guests - A Different Guest Lecturer For 75 Minutes Each Day. More Coming Soon!


Eric Alexander (Super Special Guest)


Rogerio Boccato (Super Special Guest)

Melissa Aldana

Melissa Aldana (Super Special Guest)

Chase Playing

Chase Sanborn (Faculty)

Jeff Antoniuk (Faculty)


Steve Herberman (Faculty)

It’s an amazing new online world, and we are embracing not only what is possible, but what has previously been impossible. You will be doing a ton of playing online, attending engaging classes, asking questions, and connecting with other adult musicians from around the world, using the Zoom platform. Imagine working for 75 minutes each day with someone like Eric Alexander, Melissa Aldana, or Rogerio Boccato, and doing a private lesson with Jeff Antoniuk or one of our other core faculty members!

Maryland Winter Jazz & JazzWire: The Most Forward-Thinking Jazz Camp On Earth

For more than 20 years, we have heard two wishes at the end of camp: (1) that attendees had known about us sooner, and (2) that they could continue to accelerate their learning after returning home from camp. We’ve taken that sentiment to heart, and combined forces with, a breakthrough experience in adult jazz education that begins well before you arrive at camp, and continues long after.

When you sign up for MWJ, you will also join JazzWire. This platform is unique in allowing our members to post recordings for comment by instructors and other community members. You'll get actionable feedback every time you post. This daily interaction supplements the individualized Growth Plan and Evaluation you will receive upon joining.

Before the MWJ workshop, you will have the opportunity to practice the songs we will delve into at MWJ. Your fellow campers will be your friends from JazzWire. In short, you will be primed for an enjoyable, relaxed and educational camp experience. Find out more on the Workshop Information page.

Looking Forward to seeing you there!